Mid-Century in 2020 Postponed

An exhibition of works by Kyle Surges
March 6, 2021 - April 24, 2021

After much delay, I'm proud to present my latest solo show "Mid-Century in 2020 Postponed". This show was impacted due to Covid, hence the title, and had to be pushed back to March 2021. The influence for this body of work came to be from my wife and I looking for a house and discovering mid-century modern homes. Not only was I impressed by the architecture of the style and era, I became fascinated with items from this time period too. What I enjoy the most about these items from the 50's and 60's is how they distinctly different they look from items before or after them. These objects are encapsulated in an era of forward thinking and designs that are still beautiful today. Portraying this beauty is the objective of this group of work, not to mention the monumental amount of nostalgia.

Like shows in the past, it will be held at McCormick Gallery in Chicago. The opening day will be March 6th and run through April 24th. I will be at the gallery March 6th to meet guests, but by appointment only. There is a 10 person max at the gallery, so please contact me if you would like to stop by on the 6th. I will schedule a time for you to visit. Otherwise, Tom is in the gallery Tuesday-Thursday 10ish to 3ish and you can always see the show at anytime by scheduling with the gallery at gallery@thomasmccormick.com

Coke and Cooler, 2020
oil on panel
40 x 32 inches
signed, dated and titled verso
Coke Carrier, 2020
oil on panel
12 x 12 inches
signed, dated and titled verso